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ETH-IO32B Concept

ETH-IO32B interface adapter allows connecting various hardware devices to your PC. Easy installation and plug-and-play support makes ETH-IO32B board an ideal solution to add Ethernet interface to your hardware. The ETH-IO32B has 8 SPDT relays outputs, 8 optically isolated inputs and 4 analog inputs. This device has many applications and we couldn't possibly list them all, but here are a few examples The relay can be used to turn on and off a sprinkler system, automating a hot tub, or low-voltage lights. The inputs can be used to monitor magnetic window switches or garage door position. The analog inputs can be used to monitor some analog levels.

Helpful any web browser HTML5 compliant, connect the ETH-IO32B and control IO’s is really simple. Or to develop your own application, you just need to know how using UDP communication - so easy !.

ETH-IO32B differs from most of other low-cost adapter by the feature that permit to link any inputs to drive any output or by a full scheduler available.

The ETH-IO32B board is a fully assembled and tested unit. The board requires a power of 9VDC / 500mA.
Up to 8 extensions boards may be plugged to the ETH-IO32B. By example, add 8 EXT-8REL boards and control 72 relays with a single ETH-IO32B !


To order, please visit www.wifipower.fr



To order, please visit www.wifipower.fr

ETH-IO32B Characteristics
  • 8 DIGITAL outputs RELAY SPDT 240VAC-30VDC / 10A rating. 
  • 8 DIGITAL inputs 0/10VDC optoisolated 5000Vrms
  • 4 ANALOG inputs 10-bits analog 0/10VDC
  • 10/100 Mbits LAN RJ45 with LEDs status
  • Link any inputs to any outputs
  • Extension connector to add up to 8 EXT boards
  • Switch or Pulse mode on any outputs
  • Digital inputs can be configure as 32 bits counter
  • and a lot of great features, please visit http://www.wifipower.fr



  • Free NET configuration software (XP / VISTA / Seven / 8) - Framework .NET 4.0 © Microsoft
  • PCB dimensions : 143.75x72.50 mm



Full informations on http://www.wifipower.fr

 rj45 ftp droit

English Documents :

  • Download ETH_IO32 B User Manual V1.0 ( xxMo )
  • Download ETH_IO32 B Configurator PC - VisualStudio 2010 project ( xxMo )

Download the installation software : ETH_IO32 B Configurator - Rev 1.0  September 2015

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