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Product USB_IO

USB_IO Concept

USB-IO interface adapter allows connecting various hardware devices to your PC. Easy installation and plug-and-play support makes USB-IO board an ideal solution to add USB interface to your hardware.
The USB-IO has 8 SPDT relays outputs, 8 optically isolated inputs and 2 analog inputs. This device has many applications and we couldn't possibly list them all, but here are a few examples The relay can be used to turn on and off a sprinkler system, automating a hot tub, or low-voltage lights. The inputs can be used to monitor magnetic window switches or garage door position. The analog inputs can be used to monitor some analog levels.

Helpful the provided demonstration software, connect the USB-IO to a USB host port and control IO’s is really simple. Or with the Helpful provided Class file for Visual Studio, develop your own application.

The USB_IO board is a fully assembled and tested unit. The board requires external power of 6 to 8VDC / 500mA.
USB-IO differs from most of other low-cost adapter by the event-driven interface. It means that the USB-IO adapter can notify your PC software immediately after the input value has changed. The event-driven interface is very flexible. For example, ADC module can send events when the voltage on the analog input descends below predefined value. Or rises above any other else.
Besides the event-driven interface, the polling interface is also supported by the USB-IO adapter.Would you like to analyze changes over time? No problem, USB-IO adapter can send events periodically with the predefined repeat interval.

To order, please visit www.wifipower.fr

European power supply
6VDC - 1000mA

To order, please visit www.wifipower.fr
USB_IO Characteristics

  • 8 outputs RELAY SPDT 250VAC / 10A rating. Access individually or simultaneous to all relays
  • 8 inputs optoisolated 5000Vrms
  • 2 inputs 10-bits analog 0/10VDC (adjustable by resistors divider)
  • 1KB of user data Flash memory
  • Full HID USB2.0 compliant; driver natively include under Windows, Linux and MAC OS
  • Free VisualBasic.NET demonstration software and Class file available (Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA / Seven) - Framework .NET 4.0 © Microsoft
  • PCB dimensions : 150x83 mm



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