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PIC18F67J60 TQFP64, Ethernet & SD Card connectors 

The DEVBOARD3 is a proto-typing board used to quickly and easily evaluate the 10Mbits Ethernet link 10Base-T port and SD card FLASH memory.

It provides easy access to 28 IOs pins on the CPU. In order to accommodate all of the microcontroller’s on-chip peripherals the board comes with a very large proto-typing area, 362 plated-through holes and many CMS footprints. So the user can decide which peripherals to be use.

  • Integrated MAC and 10BASE-T PHY with 8KB DMA SRAM buffer
  • 128KBytes Flash & 3808Bytes SRAM
  • 25MHz Oscillator
  • Internal 31KHz oscillator
  • 28 IO Ports
  • 10 bits Analog to Digital Convertor
  • 5 Timers
  • 1 Enhanced UART
  • 8x8 Single Cycle Hardware Multiplier
  • Internal Watchdog and power features
  • SD card connector
  • Footprint for SPI FLASH Memory up to 128Mbits ( M25P10 to M25P128 )
  • Header for alphanumeric LCD screen ( LCD NOT INCLUD )
  • Header for ICD2/ICD3 and ICSP© (debugging/programming flash parts).
  • Header RS232C ( Communication / Bootloader / debbug )
  • 362 plated-through holes proto-typing area.
  • CMS Footprints ( 0805, SOT23, SO16 )
  • Regulated power +3.3V / 800mA
  • RESET switch


The DEVBOARD3 is a high quality EPOXY RoHS prototype board, complete with a solder mask on both sides of the board, with a high-contrast silk-screen labeling component positions. Board size is a compact 118 x 76mm.

The board is deliver with a little application to demonstrate the Ethernet link. when power up, the DEVBOARD3 will try to retreive an IP adress from a DHCP server. If you need a different LAN configuration ( no DHCP ), please ask when you order.

WARNING: On the V1.0 PCB board, the J4 connector is NOT usable. A regrettable error was on the schematic – Sorry, it will repair for the next PCB bench. All functionalities are available with J3 – ICSP connector. You may even use the ICD2 tool from Microchip if you do a little connectors adapter.


Try & Debug all your ETHERNET & SD Card designs with the DEVBOARD3

DB3               49.90€

RS232 cable - DB9 Femal to IDC connector - interface the DEVBOARD card to a COM port of any PC - approximately 2 meters

JP7CABLE          6.90€


FREE Serial Bootloader :

Some usefuls links for the DEVBOARD3 :


MICROCHIP Application Notes  :

  • PIC18F67J60 : Datasheet
  • AN1066 : MiWi Wireless Networking Protocol stack
  • AN833 : The FREE Microchip TCP/IP stack