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PIC18F67J50 TQFP64, USB & SD Card connectors 

The DEVBOARD4 is a proto-typing board used to quickly and easily evaluate the USB 1.1 and 2.0 bus.

It provides easy access to 28 IOs pins on the CPU. In order to accommodate all of the microcontroller’s on-chip peripherals the board comes with a very large proto-typing area, 474plated-through holes and many CMS footprints. So the user can decide which peripherals to be use.

  • 28 IO Ports
  • Low Speed (1.5Mb/s) & Full Speed (12Mb/s)
  • 128KBytes Flash & 3904Bytes SRAM
  • 16MHz Oscillator & PLL 48Mhz
  • Internal 31KHz oscillator
  • 10 bits Analog to Digital Convertor
  • 5 Timers
  • 2 Enhanced UART ( RS232, RS485, LIN1.2)
  • 8x8 Single Cycle Hardware Multiplier
  • Internal Watchdog and power features
  • SD card connector
  • Footprint for SPI FLASH Memory up to 128Mbits ( M25P10 to M25P128 )
  • Header for alphanumeric LCD screen ( LCD NOT INCLUD )
  • Header for ICD2/ICD3 and ICSP© (debugging/programming flash parts).
  • Header RS232C ( Communication / Bootloader / debbug )
  • 474 plated-through holes proto-typing area.
  • CMS Footprints ( 0805, SOT23, SO16 )
  • Regulated power +3.3V / 800mA
  • RESET switch

The DEVBOARD4 is a high quality EPOXY RoHS prototype board, complete with a solder mask on both sides of the board, with a high-contrast silk-screen labeling component positions. Board size is a compact 118 x 76mm.


WARNING: On the V1.0 PCB board, the J4 connector is NOT usable. A regrettable error was on the schematic – Sorry, it will repair for the next PCB bench. All functionalities are available with J3 – ICSP connector. You may even use the ICD2 tool from Microchip if you do a little connectors adapter.


DB4 DEMO1 sources files :
  • DB4_DEMO1.hex : Hex file for the PIC CPU V1.0 27/04/2009
  • DB4_DEMO1_setup.exe : Setup installation file for the PC software ( Windows 2000, XP & Vista; Need .NET 3.5 framework  ) V1.0 27/04/2009

Try & Debug all your USB & SD Card designs with the DEVBOARD4

DB4               49.90€

RS232 cable - DB9 Femal to IDC connector - interface the DEVBOARD card to a COM port of any PC - approximately 2 meters

JP7CABLE          6.90€

FREE USB Bootloader & .NET sources files:

Some usefuls links for the DEVBOARD4 :


MICROCHIP Application Notes  :